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Mens bike jersey GATOR

Mens bike jersey GATOR

  • Производител: Nordblanc
  • Код: NBSMF6648
  • Наличност: Налично
  • цена: 89.90лв.

  • 53.94лв.

Mens bike jersey GATOR - NBSMF6648

This cycling T-shirt is suitable for all types of cycling. It is up to you if you prefer difficult forest trails or straight roads. Men's T-shirt with quick-drying DRYFOR® technology removes moisture during any difficulty on the route and helps to keep the surface of the body dry. The technical cut copies the curves of the body and, thanks to its elasticity, fits like a second skin. While driving the T-shirt will not roll up, because it has a slip-resistant silicone strip. There is also a pocket on his back for various necessities. Reflective elements take care of your safety during night riding.

Material: 100% polyester

Reflective elements

High-visibility features considerably increase your safety in low light conditions as well as when it's dark.

Farbic stretch enables a free range of movement and maximum comfort during any activity.


Absorbs excessive moisture and wicks away sweat that evaporates quicker, keeps you dry and comfortable at all times.


reflective safety details

back pocket

DRYFOR® A functional fiber that absorbs body moisture and has quick dry function. Thanks to microwaves on its surface, moisture is efficiently drained to the outside of the material where it evaporates rapidly, leaving the skin dry and comfortable. This feature allows the material to provide perfect body temperature control.

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