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NORDBLANC is a dynamic growing brand of outdoor and sports clothing and accessories, which first appears on the Czech market in 2003. Behind its creation there is a simple appetite to travel, to explore the world, one good idea and lots of work. In order to visualize the brand and considering the creation of locally available sale points, NORDBLANC has been developing a ​​network of mono brand stores in Central Europe since 2007. At the same time NORDBLANC develops further distribution pillar - wholesale and export sales to European markets.
NORDBLANC brand offers sporting and outdoor goods emphatically focused on high-quality material, current technology, functionality and practicality of products, modern design and a balanced price.
Products quality processing offer for users a high level of comfort and improve the quality of sports and leisure activities. Each season NORDBLANC moves forward with technology and constantly expands its product range of innovative and new products for customers of all ages. A wide range of increasingly important functional underwear is an indispensable part of the collection.
NORDBLANC as a distinctive design brand is gradually gaining popularity for anyone who loves nature, colour diversity and senses a close interrelationship with nature as a space to express feelings, thoughts, and looking for a loyal travel companion.

Данни на фирма
ЕИК: 202121383
гр. София, ул. Русалийски проход №10
МОЛ: Мирослав Марков