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Compression sport socks starch

Compression sport socks starch

  • Производител: Nordblanc
  • Код: NBSX16379
  • Наличност: Налично
  • цена: 25.00лв.

Compression sport socks starch - NBSX16379

Very comfortable all yearlong sports socks suitable for all activities. Thanks to graduated compression, you will keep your feet in maximum comfort. The socks are delicately knitted and among the features you can find highly efficient ventilation and ankle stabilization. Compression improves blood circulation and delivers more energy to your muscles. Decreases pain* while stressing and boosts your performance. They greatly stabilize the ligaments and tendons and reduce the risk of injury. After a hard workout, they will take care of quick recovery of your tired legs. These socks are great choice for any kind of sport. Whether you like to run or you prefer team sports, you will feel comfortable and enjoyable during any sports activities. Forget about the blisters and abrasions, the socks have a thickened part of the heel and toe that prevents them from forming.

Material: 45% nylon 30% coolmax 25% lycra